Dog rushed to vet’s after eating pot with barbiturates at a B.C Park


A couple of hours after she took her dog out for a walk on Saturday evening, the parent, holly Gracey stated that the pet, named Bijou, became quite ill.

Bijou was just sitting there wavering back and forth, the dog’s bladder evacuated on the bed.

The dog’s eyes seemed dilated and behaving erratically, pacing back and forth in the yard, so the mum rushed her to the vet’s.

Gracey was terrified because she felt something in the Bijous system made her seriously ill.

A urine sample was collected at the vet’s, and the test came back positive for barbiturates and THC.

The mum figured that Bijou must have eaten cannabis combined with other substances while the two were walking that Saturday evening.

The dog was held overnight at the vet’s and was hooked to an IV bag and has since recovered.

Gracey noted that this experience should serve as a lesson that pet parents need to keep a keen eye on their pets while walking. She also said that people need to be careful with drugs because even a tiny sample can cause a lot of harm to animals.


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