Doctors urge all Provinces in Canada to Make Vaccination of Pregnant Women a Priority


As the vaccine age limit continues to lower in Quebec, the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada (OBGYNs) is requesting that pregnant women be placed among priority groups.

OBGYNs call for women who are 20 weeks pregnant to be prioritized. New data show that pregnant women are more susceptible to the COVID-19 variant. Last weekend, there was an increase in the admission of pregnant women in Toronto.

Dr. Gabrielle Cassir says that 30 percent of the patient in ICU beds were women and some required intubation and ventilation. She added that women in their third trimester are particularly at higher risk of infection.

In Quebec, pregnant women, not eligible for vaccines unless they are in the eligible groups. However, the Provincial Health director has indicated that the criteria could be changed soon.

“Even in the first trimester, the vaccine could be recommended. We asked pregnant women to discuss with their gynecologist or doctor, but we’re going to take that into account, of the risk is getting higher in those groups.”

According to Donald Vinh, an immunologist at McGill University, no clinical trials have looked at the impact of vaccines on pregnant women.

However, there exist studies that suggest that pregnant mothers produce antibodies with the vaccines. The antibodies are then passed onto the baby and boost their immunity.


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