Doctor Janzen helps refugee brothers realize dreams from West Island to Zambia


by Rhonda Massad

Dr. Jeannette Janzen of GMF Stillview and Statcare Medical clinic in Pointe Claire has been actively involved in supporting the education of two young boys, Pierre and Pascal, living as refugees in Zambia who found themselves parentless several years ago.  

Dr. Janzen’s daughter’s best friend, Rebecca, was interning with the United Nations in a refugee camp when she met Pierre, 16 years old at the time, who had lost contact with his 15 year old brother.

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“He was traumatized. He shared how he had become separated from his younger brother Pascal in Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia, that was 8 hours away from the refugee camp,” Rebecca explained, “I believed him and took a few days leave and set out to find Pascal.  After several days we actually found him.”

“The boys left their family home in the Congo because they were targeted by rebels due to their ethnicity.  Their father was killed while the two boys, their mother and younger sister were assaulted,” Rebecca continued, “they were bound together while their family was attacked.  They escaped and ran down a hill near their house and into the jungle. They walked for weeks before they were smuggled into Zambia on a truck and found their way to the capital where they stayed with a priest.”

According to Rebecca, when a friendly game of street soccer got nasty, Pascal was chased, became separated from his brother and lived on the streets for three months before Pierre and Rebecca found him.  

The refugee camp where the boys reside does not have university or high school  facilities.  Pierre was accepted to university to study medicine in the capital and Pascal was accepted into a good high school. Pierre wants to be a gynaecologist to fight for women’s rights and Pascal wants to be a UN Helicopter Pilot. 

When Rebecca came home from her internship she mentioned the boys to Dr. Janzen who had expressed an interest in sponsoring a child in need.   

“The match was made in heaven. We both spend plenty of time talking to the boys on whats app and are very involved in their lives, they ask us for advice on everything from girls to education choices but they need more support if they hope to complete their studies over the next four years.” 

The crowd fundraiser was set up to help. All proceeds will go to paying their tuition, and providing for their basic needs such as food and shelter so that they can pursue their studies and dreams.

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