Do you want to be part of a Successful book to help make a difference and a better world ?


Are you a Co-parent?

Do you have a successful Co-parenting Story? Even if it entails a baby step story and it works?

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If yes, Co-parenting Coach Anna Giannone and 8 Time International Best Selling Author Patricia Leblanc would love to hear your stories.

We are looking for successful stories of Co-parenting to include in our upcoming book (if your story is chosen to be in our book, you will need to sign a release form).

Our mission with this book is to inspire other parents to Co-parent in Harmony for the best interest of their children as well for the parents who are Co-parenting.

Success leaves clues for other to emulate.

We can do this work together to transition on how to Co-parent in Harmony.

Be kind to one another to live in harmony.

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