The pandemic we are experiencing is a challenging time for everyone. But it is particularly difficult for hospitals and health workers.

The Montreal Children’s Hospital has been hugely affected by this crisis as they make sure that all children continue to receive world-class care safely and efficiently.

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In addition, the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation had to cancel many fundraisers that the hospital normally relies on.

A new initiative

The  Do-What-You-Like-A-Thon is an online initiative that allows people to raise much-needed funds all while doing something fun and creative.

The concept is simple. Do anything you like for as long as you can, collect pledges and then submit your video online. There may even be a chance to win some prizes.

All the donations collected during this event will go directly to the Healthy Kids Fund, which allows the hospital to allocate funds directly to where they are needed most which currently are currently COVID-19 related initiatives.

To start your pledge, visit the donate page of the MCHF’s website.