Do Mi Si La Do Ré Contest, Announcement of Awards and Grants Recipients

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Montreal, Thursday, July 9, 2020 – The Jeunesses Musicales Canada Foundation announces the names of the recipients of the prizes and grants of the Do Mi Si La Do Ré (Home Sweet Home) Contest. This competition invited young Canadians 30 years of age and under to compose and perform a classical musical piece of 3 minutes or less on the theme of the musical phrase: Do Mi Si La Do Ré. Out of the 220 applications that were submitted, 173 creations from 7 different provinces across the country were selected.

Divided into 3 stages, a first selection of videos was made by the JM Canada Foundation and put online from May 20th to June 14th. All works were then randomly submitted to the 3 pre-selection juries, comprising a total of 34 members. Based on the scores obtained, the top 10 finalists made it to the final round of the Contest and had their creations submitted to the Grand Jury.

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A total of $128,000 was awarded in prizes and grants for this exceptional project. Thanks to the generosity of more than 2,800 donors, all the amounts announced at the launch of the Contest have been increased and will thus be redistributed to the 74 musicians who received awards.

Here are the details of the prizes and grants:

Artistic Award

First Prize: $20,
000 – Henry From, Piano, British Columbia

Second Prize: $10,
000 – Jeanne Laforest, Voice, Québec

Third Prize: $7,
000 – Dominique Beauséjour Ostiguy, Cello – Marie-Pier Allard, Piano, Québec

The 7 other videos in the grand finale received a $4,000 grant each.

*Amounts include the grant for the 33 musicians/creations.

Grants for 33 musicians/creations

Winners (videos) from 11th to 33rd place each receive a $2,000 grants.

Participation Prize

The Foundation recalls that the participation prize was awarded to the three applications with the highest number of donors (1 donor = 1 vote) on the online platform.

  • First Prize: $5,
    000, Leslie Ashworth, Violin, Ontario
  • Second Prize: $4,
    000, Antoine Savard, Cello, Québec
  • Third Prize: $3,
    000, Carole-Anne Roussel, Singing – Émilie Auclair, Violin – Simon Desbiens, Composition, Cello and Piano, Québec

To watch live or re-watch the Official Awards Ceremony on July 9, 2020 and to find out the names of all the winners and review their creations: click HERE 

About the JM Canada Foundation

The JM Canada Foundation is a charitable organization whose mission is to raise, create and administer funds in order to:

  1. Support the mission of JM Canada: to foster the discovery of classical music among young audiences and to support the career development of young classical musicians on the national stage.
  2. Support the career development of young Canadian musicians

The Jeunesses Musicales Canada Foundation would like to thank its partners in particular:

JM Canada and the Canimex Canadian Music Competition.

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