DIY Healthy Hand Scrub for Gardeners


by Joanna McDonald

Hello Summer!  Many of you may have your hands in a lot of flowers pots this summer, why not give your hands a treat?  Read on to make a healthy, do-it-yourself and allergen-free recipe in less than 5 minutes without it costing the Earth!

Gardeners, ’tis the season for hands that need a little T.L.C.  Hands that have seen it all, dirt, grime, insect bites, brown spots, too much water or sunlight etc… can really take a toll on the natural beauty of your hands and nails.
Bug Spray

Now you can avoid covering up your hands at social functions with an easy scrub that will remove all the “gunk” and leave your hands silky smooth and soft, without harsh fragrances or chemicals.

Top Benefits of a DIY Scrub:

– Younger looking skin; gentle exfoliation of the skin; our body’s largest organ
– Eco-friendly; uses all natural ingredients
– Convenience; likely you have the ingredients at home
– Saves you $$; it’s inexpensive
– Simple; very easy to make
– For everyone; most scrubs are safe for children and pets (use caution with essential oils and harsh exfoliants)

Citrus Fresh Hand Scrub:

2 tbsp. Coconut oil

1 tbsp. Coarse Sea salt

1 tsp. Freshly squeezed lemon juice and 1 tsp. orange juice (or 2 drops of each if using essential oils)

1 tsp. Grated lemon peel

Melt coconut oil; add all ingredients into a air tight container and mix thoroughly.

Use scrubs no more than twice weekly
Scrubs will keep for up to 2 weeks in a sealed container.

* Please seek medical advice prior to using if immune-suppressed, pregnant, have diagnosed illness, have chronic health issues, are elderly, using with children and pets or have allergies and skin sensitivities.  Avoid contact with eyes, ears, nose and sensitive areas.  Discontinue if irritation occurs.  If using essential oils, please test prior to use on a test area of skin and use caution.


Natural health pioneer, medical-intuitive counselor and energy practitioner

Joanna  McDonald is a natural health pioneer, medical-intuitive counselor and energy practitioner
as well as a freelance writer and is currently working on her first book about food and the Chakra system.  When she isn’t creating a new recipe or finding the latest scoop on healthy living, you can find her hiking, biking or practicing yoga in the great outdoors.
Joanna McDonald; MT, Rp, FSm
Soul Food – Blending Divine guidance & holistic nutrition for healthy lifestyles



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