Division Stance Surrounding Immunization Is Affecting Expectant Mothers’ Vaccination Choices; Metro Vancouver Midwife


A midwife in metro Vancouver has said that the divisive nature of the immunization campaign is contributing to the inability of expectant mothers to get themselves immunized.

A Semiahmoo Midwife, Jennie Lucow, stated that currently, there is a culture that is pitting people against each other, with each group holding onto the idea that thinks themselves as being better than the other.

The Midwife added that she has encountered a number of patients who are just not ready to be immunized for fear that they will be stigmatized by the family and friends.

A number of anti-immunization protests have been held in B.C and across the country over the year. Demonstrations have grown in number since authorities introduced immunization vaccines.

Lucow noted that the choice to be immunized lies in the patient’s hands, but most have been influenced by disinformation they came across in social media platforms.

B.C’s government say that no expectant mother will be exempt from showing proof of immunization when the vaccine passport program kicks off on Monday.


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