Diver Meaghan Benfeito’s Return From The Olympics Helps Inspire Youngster Training At The West Island Grounds


Young aspiring divers at the Pointe-Claire’s Pool got a pleasant surprise after a visit by Olympian Meaghan Benfeito, one of the most accomplished alums of the facility.

Coming back home after the ongoing Olympics, the 3-time bronze medalist visited the facility to share the wisdom she has gained from her hard-earned experience. Her appearance at the Tokyo came short of expectations after she finished 4th in a synchronized event and 13th overall on a 10-meter platform.

She pointed out that her main goal in such events is to have some fun even though she may not come away with the results she expects.

This is a lesson that coaches like former Olympian Dave Bedard emphasize. He noted that people often go the Olympics with the goal to win, but said that just because someone isn’t on the podium does not mean they are not competitive.

Benfeito credited the West Island program with equipping her with the skills she needed to rise up in her career.


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