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Do you ever wonder what your true path is? Do you have lots of ideas and passions, but donʼt know how they all fit together? Maybe you feel stuck in a rut and would like some direction on how to move forward toward work that brings meaning, joy and freedom.

Designing Transformation Productions helps individuals and conscious entrepreneurs create a vision for their future that is aligned with their highest potential and purpose. Founder, Lianne Bridges, left the corporate world after three decades serving multi- nationals like Aeroplan, Unilever and Nabisco. In 2009, when her husband died of cancer, she was left alone to raise her two small children. This crisis was a catalyst for her to redesign her life. She wanted the freedom to look after her children and do work she loves, while making a difference in the world.Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 4.44.36 PM

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She began by drawing on her business experience of helping organizations define their long term vision and strategy. Bridges adapted this process by incorporating the wisdom and spiritual practices she was using to transform her own life. In so doing, she developed a process to help others find their true calling. Bridges calls this approach, DiscoverYour Zen SpotTM.

“It is like finding the ʻG Spotʼ of your life, where you most thrive – where your passion, purpose and prosperity converge,” says Bridges.

Her process for helping individuals find their unique sweet spot, includes 4 key steps:

1.Exploring Within
First, you are guided to gain a better understanding of the place where your passions meet your purpose, where your skills and gifts combine to deliver you prosperity, ease and flow in your life.

2. Releasing Limitations
Next, using series of exercises that tap into the practices of Mindfulness and Law of Attraction, you will identify the main limiting beliefs that could hinder your progress and work toward releasing them.

3. Defining Your Place
Then, you are assisted in identifying the place in which your gifts and expertise best serve the world, by zoning in on your ideal customer and your unique point of difference within the market.

4.Leaning Into It
The final step includes developing your own personal ʻmulti-media sandboxʼ – a private space where you can explore and create. When you are ready to share your creation with the world, you can easily turn it into a public blog or full website.

Maybe you have tried programs in the past, taken courses, done vision boards, invested time and money, but still donʼt have a clear view of your true path. Maybe it is time for a new approach? If so, Lianne offers her Discover Your Zen SpotTM program through private and group sessions. A new group session starts, September 22nd, and runs for for 6 weeks, in the peaceful setting of Hudson, Quebec, 40 minutes from Montreal.

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