Disabled Man Brutally Assaulted in Caesars Palace Robbery Case


In a horrifying incident, a woman, employed as a sex worker, has been held in custody for her alleged involvement in an attempted murder case. The victim, a physically disabled man, was reported to have been brutally beaten and then robbed in a room at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.

The accused, identified as 26-year-old Napria Wilson, was apprehended following an alleged theft and assault incident. Following her arrest, Wilson was further indicted on charges of burglary, reportedly robbing the unfortunate man of about $6,000.

The harrowing details of the assault came to light when the hotel security personnel responded to the scene of the crime, approximately around 7 a.m. The male victim was found sprawled on the floor, a picture of bloodied vulnerability, making desperate calls for help.

The man had suffered multiple fractures in his face. The official report detailed further – extensive bruising throughout his body, swollen hands and eyes, indicative of the gravity of the assault. Scattered around the room, signs of the assault were inescapable – bloody sheets, furniture and splattered blood across the floor.

Subsequently, the man was expedited to a nearby hospital. However, the specifics surrounding his current condition and necessity of a surgical intervention remain uncertain. Confined to a life on a wheelchair resulting from pervasive physical disabilities, the man is believed to be in his late 60s, relying on a scooter for mobility.

The unnamed victim managed to recall the heartbreaking details of the incident – his meeting with the accused on the gaming floor of Caesars Palace, and his subsequent engagement of her services. The chain of events that followed included Wilson coercing him for more money, and fleeing the scene after stealing his wallet.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department swung into action, meticulously collecting evidence and reviewing surveillance footage that captured Wilson exiting the hotel and boarding a taxi. According to reports, she parted with $100, requesting the cab driver to evacuate her hastily from the area, after falling ill in the cab.

The narrative unveiled by the video led the authorities to Wilson, who was subsequently detained and placed under custody at the Clark County Detention Center. Wilson’s case awaits prosecution and she remains to file her plea against the charges.

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