Digitalx to Launch Bitcoin ETF on ASX Next Month


On July 12, the asset management firm Digitalx will launch a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) operated by ASX Ltd. The investment product, named the Digitalx Bitcoin ETF, will trade under the ticker BTXX. This introduction marks the second ETF approved by ASX, owing to contributions from asset managers K2 Asset Management and 3iQ.

The launch follows the approval of Vaneck’s Bitcoin ETF (VBTC) by ASX Ltd. Another Australia-based fund manager is also in the process of applying to launch Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs on the same stock exchange. The collaboration between Digitalx and 3iQ extends to promoting and distributing the Digitalx Bitcoin ETF both within Australia and internationally.

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Lisa Wade, CEO of Digitalx, expressed her enthusiasm about the upcoming launch, highlighting it as a significant milestone for the company and the broader Australian digital asset investment market. She noted that the Digitalx Bitcoin ETF offers ASX customers direct access to Bitcoin through a regulated and liquid fund structure, which she hopes will attract new entrants to the crypto market and enable institutions to integrate Bitcoin and other digital assets into their investment strategies.

Toby Hicks, chairman of Digitalx, emphasized the firm’s decade-long growth and experience in the digital asset space, asserting that it is well-positioned to develop secure and compliant digital asset investment products. He also praised K2 Asset Management and 3iQ for their hard work in bringing the Bitcoin ETF to fruition.