Digby Braces for Storm Lee: Community Strengthens Preparations Amid Menacing Forecast


In the coastal town of Digby, anticipation hums in the air as residents carefully trail the trajectory of the looming storm, Lee. As revised predictions suggest that the storm is set to herald its raging presence in the locality, every eye is steeled towards the menacing forecast.

By Thursday afternoon, the harbour had become a tableau of concern, bustling with fishermen hustling to anchor their boats securely with additional lines. Every knot tied down echoed the unspoken apprehension. Louis Thibodeau, one amongst the many locals pitching in to help, expressed a shared sentiment, “This is going to be a challenging period, to say the least.” The sound of his friend’s fishing boat creaking under the tightened ropes was drowned out by the stirrings of the storm on the horizon.

Fuel stations turned hubs of activity, serving long queues of community members seeking to stockpile petrol for their vehicles and generators in anticipation of power outages. The charges of human traffic were not restricted to roads; ATMs too experienced a surge of individuals rushing to withdraw cash, their faces mirroring an urgency fueled by the impending storm.

Mayor Ben Cleveland ensured to remind the town that Digby’s preparedness is their strength in face of this trial. His chest swelled with pride as he mentioned a regularly-convening group that plans disaster management strategies, affirming their readiness to set up relief centres within the Fire Department and Digby Station if such a need arises. He emphasised the importance of bracing for the storm by securing bottled water, flashlights, and power banks, while also advocating for individual and community safety, “The key is to stay indoors, all the while keeping tabs on your neighbours.”

Urging residents to heed news from Environment Canada and the Canadian Hurricane Centre, the mayor reassured the inhabitants of the town’s capability to relay critical alerts via a dedicated emergency notification system or through social media, as required. Among the various active measures, Cleveland also announced that Public Works crews have been scheduled for round-the-clock shifts starting Friday evening.

Assuring the locals yet again, the mayor added, “Given that Digby spans a mere three square kilometres, we can mobilise quickly and reach each household personally if necessary. We will leverage the emergency alert system to its full extent.” As the clouded skies heralded the storm’s approach, Digby remained on the precipice, fortified by a sense of community strength and preparation.


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