Why didn’t my concussion heal on its own?

by Dr. Tager
Concussions are also known as a form of traumatic brain injuries or TBI. When a person is concussed, the brain will move around inside the calvarium or skull and can hit the inside walls of the skull causing damage to multiple structures. The brain will likely rotate as well as this impact is happening. Generally concussions should heal within a few weeks, but what if it does not? In that case, what happened?
When the head is struck or a concussion has occurred, there is disruption to the vagus nerve and impaired vagal activity. Vagal activity is that connection that makes you feel nauseous when you have a headache or any other kind of severe pain. This nerve goes directly to the gastrointestinal system or GUT (where 80% of our immune system lies) and may cause difficult with swallowing food and valve control down to the stomach.
At the same time that this occurs, there is a breakdown or disruption of the protective covering of the brain called the blood-brain barrier. This breakdown causes an inflammatory process to occur. So now we have inflammation of the brain and inflammation of the gut. Although inflammation in the early stages of any injury is good, when it is prolonged, it causes a multitude of problems. So what do we see? Intestinal compromise, inflammation and associated gastrointestinal problems as a result of concussion. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the cascade of events that may follow. Therefore, when you have a concussion that has not healed in 2-3 weeks, please get examined by a healthcare professional.
Dr. Aubry Tager is a native Montrealer who has returned home after over 15 years of practice in the United States. He is a Doctor of Natural Medicine and focuses on Neuro-Metabolic Care which includes, Concussions,Auto-immune Conditions and Learning Challenges (ADD/ADHD etc). He lives in Montreal with his wife and 3 children.
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