Dic Ann’s


 by Rhonda Massad

Unfortunately for me, I did not know about Dic Ann’s when there was a location on the West Island.  I am still sadly confused as to why we don’t have one.  I just dream of this burger. Dic Ann's , Montreal, Rhonda Massad, West Island Blog, WIB, Hamburgers, Food

The first restaurant opened it’s doors in 1954 on the corner of Crémazie and Papineau. Today the 13 (including the food truck) locations serve more than 1,500 hamburgers a day.

Something about the soft bread flattened with a saucy-spicy meat inside, fresh lettuce and tomatoes.  Cheese is optional.  I figure, who needs the extra calories!! LMAO

Their fries are unabashedly fried in peanut oil.  They are to die for but if you have a peanut allergy this place is no go for you.

There are still several locations and a food truck, but there are none in the West.  They all have different hours so google before heading out.  The St. Jerome franchise closes for a couple of weeks every spring after ski season is done. 

Here are the locations:

Dic Ann’s Pie IX

Dic Ann’s Chomedey

Dic Ann’s Anjou

Dic Ann’s Terrebonne

Dic Ann’s St.Jerome

Dic Ann’s Repentigny

Dic Ann’s Vimont

Dic Ann’s Longueuil

Dic Ann’s St.Eustache

Dic Ann’s St-Thérèse

Dic Ann’s Vieux Port

Dic Ann’s Marche Central


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