Devastating Four-Vehicle Crash in Springwater Township Leaves Multiple Injured


In a catastrophic vehicular collision in Springwater Township on Tuesday evening, numerous individuals sustained injuries. The accident involved four vehicles, one of which was a dump truck. The harrowing incident occurred a little after 6 p.m. on Highway 90, nestled between the Townline Road and George Johnston Road.

Emergency medical services swung into action, escorting three victims to the hospital. Their conditions, upon arrival, were deemed serious, indicating the savage nature of the accident. Among the injured parties, a septuagenarian woman bore the brunt of the collision, later necessitating her airlift to a trauma centre to address her critical condition.

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As of current reports, the actual cause behind the devastating crash remains unknown. An extensive investigation has been launched to unravel the circumstances that led to this multiple vehicle collision. In light of this, falling in line with procedural norms, the police secured and shut down a segment of Highway 90. It remained inaccessible for several hours following the incident, to enable a thorough footfall of the scene.