Determined Declan Triumphs at World Dwarf Games, Mother Overjoyed


In a world not quite designed for his stature, 11-year-old Declan Forcier’s life with dwarfism posed apprehension for his mother, Tammy Isaachsen. Her anxieties centred around concerns for her son’s future. But Declan, unconstrained by his physical condition, exuded an innate confidence from a tender age, abolishing Tammy’s worries.

Unabated by his dwarfism, Declan exhibited a sharp determination to try anything new—an attitude that Tammy recalls with a heartwarming smile. An irresistible aspiration to learn baseball at five-years-old set his journey in motion. With relentless practice, Declan polished his skills, ultimately guiding his team to significant victories.

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“It’s exhilarating,” states Declan, radiant with joy. Similarly undeterred on the ice-hockey turf, Declan effortlessly silhouettes his potential, proving that average height means little to a dynamic spirit.

“To witness him fit in and triumph beyond my wildest expectations—there’s no joy parallel to this,” Tammy beams with motherly pride.

Unanticipated to Tammy, Declan’s athletic prowess saw him qualify for Team Canada to compete at the 2023 World Dwarf Games in Germany. Thrilled at the prospect, Declan expressed a strong desire to board the plane to Germany.

However, Declan found himself on rocky terrain—his most cherished sports, hockey and baseball, were not included in the World Dwarf Games. Furthermore, he being the lone participant from B.C., the opportunity to collectively train with his 46 teammates, most of whom hailed from central Canada, was virtually non-existent.

“I felt apprehensive,” confesses Declan, but his wide grin reveals an undying excitement. His fears gradually ebbed away once Declan witnessed the gathering of youth and adult athletes of the same stature in Germany.

Being in an environment where he was not the minority was an entirely new yet exhilarating feeling for him,” recounts Tammy emotionally.

Not only did Declan participate in solo track and field events, but he also displayed his prowess in team sports, including volleyball, soccer, and baseball. Competing with his fellow athletes at eye-level was a unique yet thrilling experience for him,” narrates Tammy, reflecting on Declan’s journey so far.

However, Declan’s crowning glory was standing at the podium with seven medals, including four gold for track events. The overwhelming realization of his son being a world champion leaves Tammy in awe. “It’s hard to come to terms with,” she admits, her eyes welling up with joy and pride.

Making his mark on the world stage and aiming to repeat his feat at the World Dwarf Games in Australia in four years, Declan modestly insists that nothing should hold one back from pursuing their dreams and reaching their goals—one just needs to muster the courage to go out and achieve it.