Details Show The Inner Workings Of B.C’s New Immunization Passport


Information regarding the inner workings of B.C’s vaccine passport have come to light after health officials shared them with the public, and now they are asking residents of the province to sign up online.

The platform was launched early Tuesday and asks for personal health number, date of immunization, and date of birth. Those who are already using B.C’s Service Card application can also sign in the same way.

Once the user provides the required information, they are able to access a downloadable version of the Vaccine Card that comes with a QR code to be used as proof of immunization once the passport launches this coming week.

The code is square in shape, similar to what is found on bar codes, and is scannable on all digital devices.

Users without smartphones can have their printed or saved as images on a user’s phone. Those without computers can have their printed and mailed to their location by calling 1-833-83802323.

The card will help identify a person’s immunization status.

Businesses have the option of scanning the application, or inspect cards to confirm that the information presented matches what is in their registry. The health ministry said that the application that business are using for verification purposes access the absolute minimum details.

All persons aged 12 and older will soon be required to present their immunization card before they can be served.

Those from outside of B.C will be expected to show an equivalent card from their jurisdiction, and a government identification.


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