Despite Relaxed Measures, Montreal Restaurants Still Fighting To Regain Profitability


Restaurants in Montreal are up running after being out of service for a while, thanks to COVID-19, however, proprietors say they are looking at a long stretch back to their profitable ways.

Part of the challenge they are looking at is that while customers do come in for a meal and a good time, there is still a limit as to how many they can have at any one time.

They are also struggling with finding and maintaining qualified experienced staff. Hillary Romero, of Les Street Monkeys, says they wanted the staff to remain with them, and even considered raising their pay, particularly for kitchen staff. He added that this is another reason why they are likely to raise their rates.

Restaurants are also grappling with an ever-rising cost of ingredients. They are seeing quite a bit of food inflation because the cost of grain is going up, most of this cost has seen its way through the food supply chain, says James Rilett, vice president of Canada’s restaurants.


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