Despite arrests rash of burglaries continues in Beaconsfield and Baie D’Urfé area


Citizens of Beaconsfield took to social media yesterday to report yet another robbery on Chestnut in Baie D’Urfé on March 12, between 8 and 11 a.m.  Gables Court, Greenwood Crescent and Hampshire have previously been hit with no end in sight. The active Facebook group Beaconsfield Neighbours for Neighbours has kept each other up to date on the rash of robberies in the area for the past several months.

While arrests were made by police recently, the robberies continue leading residents to believe there is more than one team of thieves.  Robberies continue to be aimed at family heirlooms and jewelry located in the master bedroom.

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In a previous West Island Blog report, police confirmed that all homes had alarm systems but, by the time the burglar alarm companies make their verification and then call the police, the burglars have a bit of time to spare and concentrated in bedrooms and bathrooms, looking primarily for cash and jewelry. Police encouraged citizens to call 911 and report all unusual and suspicious activities indicating that often small pieces of information are part of a bigger puzzle and adding these bits of information can often lead to positive results.