Desjardins Sponsors Food Giveaway Program at Ste-Anne’s Farmers Market


Each Saturday at the waterfront, the Ste-Anne’s Farmers’ market will offer 25 lucky customers a food gift from the ‘featured vendor’ of the week thanks to a $10,000 donation from Desjardins West Island.

HOW? Customers will sign up for the program at the Welcome Kiosk and receive a cotton shopping bag and a reward card they can use to redeem for a total of 5 free gifts at the market this summer and fall.

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The first 25 card-holders to arrive at the featured stall – which is marked by green and white balloons, will receive the free item, as long as they show their card. Last week 25 customers received a tin of local maple syrup.

WHEN? The market opens at 9:00 AM and runs until 2:00 PM each Saturday – rain or shine. Customers can sign up for the card and receive their shopping bag at any time. But if they want the gift –of-the-day, they are best to arrive at the market at 9:00.

WHY? Desjardins West Island is keen to continue its support of grassroots community endeavors like the Marché Ste-Anne.

About the Sainte Anne Market

The Sainte Anne’s Market presents over 40 stalls of local and organic produce, plants and  organic seeds and some prepared high quality foodstuffs each week as well as culinary demonstrations, live music and educational workshops on special event days.