Derek Jeter’s Historic Castle Finds Buyer After Price Cut to $6.3 Million


In the tranquil setting of Greenwood Lake, New York, nestled near the stateline of New Jersey, a potential buyer has recently surfaced for the historic Tiedemann Castle, previously owned by the legendary former New York Yankees player, Derek Jeter. This majestic domain, categorically reduced to a more appealing price point of $6.3 million from its initial listing of over $14 million six years ago, has finally managed to captivate a buyer’s interest.

This castle, a property that once languished unsold in an auction, was finally sold after despite an almost tenacious anticipation. It was only when the price was substantially reduced that it went into contract with a prospective buyer in the concluding weeks of May.

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Tiedemann Castle, a lakeside property with an expansive layout, boasts a main house inclusive of six magnificent bedrooms and thirteen exquisite bathrooms. Its lush surroundings are adorned with extensively cultivated gardens, a tranquil lagoon that mirrors the beauty of the castle itself, and an infinity pool that seems to flow without end. All these amenities contribute to painting a picturesque tableau befitting a fairytale.

The listing for this property was managed by renowned real estate agent Diane Mitchell. Despite the buzz around the deal, which notably marks the severance of the baseball player’s decade-long tie to the home, Mitchell politely declined to reveal any details about the pending transaction, thus shrouding it in an envelope of mystery.

Derek Jeter, who the world fondly recalls for his extraordinary skills on the baseball diamond and his unparalleled contributions to the Yankees, bid adieu to his professional career in 2014. His retirement from baseball, however, didn’t fade his image from the public’s mind. The sale of Tiedemann Castle, and the full circle it has travelled from his acquisition to its pending sale, has only added another fascinating chapter to the captivating story of this iconic figure.