Derek Jeter Sells Luxurious Tiedemann Castle After Major Price Cut


In the tranquil region of Greenwood Lake, New York, a stone’s throw from the New Jersey border, the estate known as the Tiedemann Castle has found a luxuriating prospect of a new owner. Its seller is none other than the former darling of New York Yankees, Derek Jeter, the baseball superstar whose prowess on the field was only matched by his grandiose taste in residencies.

Languishing on a verdant swathe of land, the Tiedemann Castle presents an enchanting spectacle. Impressively adorned with six opulent bedrooms and thirteen swanky bathrooms, the property is unquestionably one that fits the bill for a contemporary royalty. The grandeur doesn’t stop at living quarters. The property also boasts of hypnotic gardens with splashes of colors blooming in unity, a serene lagoon that’s perfect for those introspective moments and an infinity pool which adds to the enticing luxury and unending allure of the estate.

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The Tiedemann Castle didn’t find a buyer right off the bat, though, despite its beauty and the fame of its owner. Initially listed around six years ago for a jaw-dropping $14 million, the property underwent the proverbial ‘bargain bin moment’ when it failed to sell at an auction. It was then that a significant price cut was offered, bringing the asking price down to $6.3 million, a snip more than half of the original list price.

The castle ultimately found a potential buyer in late May which sent the property into contract. The buyer’s identity, however, remains undisclosed for the time being. Diane Mitchell, the property’s listing agent, chose to adhere to client confidentiality and declined to comment on the impending deal.

Derek Jeter, the iconic owner of the Tiedemann Castle, officially hung up his Yankees uniform in 2014. While his grand slams, gold gloves, and World Series rings will remain embedded in the annals of baseball history, the sale of his castle signifies yet another milestone in the life of this Dynasty Yankee who is now dedicated to the game in a different role as the part-owner of the Miami Marlins.