Deputy Mayor of Waverley Faces Ouster over Controversial Hamas Votes


Ludovico Fabiano, revered Deputy Mayor of Waverley Council in Sydney’s east, is facing dire challenges within his own political landscape. His position is in jeopardy, faced with the threat of eviction from his role due to his vote against a motion decrying the infamous Hamas attacks in Israel.

Outraged council members are due to convene in a special council assembly where they will moot the idea of displacing Mr Fabiano from his position of Deputy Mayor. The controversy traces back to the recent voting session wherein Mr Fabiano along with Councillor Dominic Wy Kanak opposed a motion that brought into question the Hamas offensives in Israel.

This contentious motion sought to extend “sympathy and condolences” to bereaved families and injured victims, giving recognition to the civilian lives lost in both Israel and Gaza. The motion placed the blame squarely on the violent tactics encouraged by Hamas.

In a show of dissent, Mr Fabiano and Mr Kanak endeavoured to revise the motion, bringing attention to “the war crimes unleashed by a right-wing Israeli government,” predominantly focused on the damaging bombing of Palestinian civilians. They appealed for all culprits to be held accountable; however, their suggestions were sternly rejected.

In a public declaration issued on Wednesday afternoon, Mr Fabiano expressed the depth of his shock and disappointment over this controversial development. He firmly stated that the ongoing conflict in Gaza and Israel is not an appropriate battleground for politicians seeking to gain advantage, especially when the conflict is on the other side of the globe.

Mr Fabiano strongly reasserted his stand, on record for reprimanding both the attacks towards Israeli civilians by Hamas and the consequential violence inflicted by the Israeli military on Palestinian civilians. He further elaborated on his deep engagement with the local Jewish community, and his belief in the value of his suggested amendments in the face of international tragic events.

The Deputy Mayor also opened up about the numerous “offensive and deeply unsettling emails and social media posts,” received post his controversial vote, some severe enough to involve law enforcement due to their threatening language. This online hate speech has reportedly taken a toll on him and his family, causing alarm and reinforcing the importance of a safe and democratic society.

Adding to his woes, Mr Fabiano and Mr Kanak might also face expulsion from several core committees including the Access and Inclusion Advisory Panel, Reconciliation Action Plan Advisory Committee, and the Multicultural Advisory Committee.

If the motion to unseat the Deputy Mayor is successful, it would result in his esteemed position being declared vacant.


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