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    Glen Malfara

    This untenable situation compliments of the P.Q who detests the West Island due to the overwhelming Anglophone population since then the demographics have changed and the Liberals who after opposition when ahead and pushed through the legislation. The Liberal’s seeing the harm it was doing to their brand later reversed their policy leaving us with higher costs to administer many de-merged cities. The City of Montreal sees us as cash cows. They want our tax dollars but they don’t want our opinion on how and where the money should be spent. The Montreal administration under various leaderships has squandered away much of the tax dollars coming from their tax base and now are on the hunt for more sources of tax revenues. It’s not enough gasoline taxes imposed by the city are much higher than off island and licensing fees are higher due to the public transportation contribution every motorist has to pay even though you may not use it for a variety of reasons they want more and more. Let’s face it, Montreal is a money pit with no relief in sight! They will continue to bleed us dry until our cities mirror that of mismanaged beast Montreal! Our return on our investment is dismal when it comes to services provided by the City Of Montreal. It has to stop and this proposed demonstration is a good start.

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    The merger – the gift that keeps on giving


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