Delphi Murder Defendant Loses Legal Team at Unanticipated Twist in Case


In an unforeseen development at a hearing last Thursday, Richard Allen, the defendant implicated in the chilling murders of two schoolgirls from Delphi, Indiana in 2017, found himself devoid of legal representation. This announcement was relayed by presiding Judge Frances C. Gull.

Allen is on trial for the deaths of Liberty “Libby” German, 14, and Abigail “Abby” Williams, 13. His defense came previously in the form of legal practitioners Brad Rozzi and Andrew Baldwin. However, events took a twisted turn as they terminated their legal services for Allen.

Judge Gull brought to light the surprising incident during the proceedings, stating that Mr. Baldwin had made a verbal application to renounce, which was given the green light. She also noted that Mr. Rozzi is expected to file a formal request to retract in writing in the ensuing few days.

The Judge highlighted her plans to liaise with public defenders to establish a new legal team for Allen. He had been apprehended last October following a nationwide five-and-a-half-year pursuit.

The unfortunate victims, teenage girls, were discovered lifeless in a forested vicinity near a trail in February 2017. The pair had ventured on a hike on an off-school day on February 13 and did not keep a rendezvous with Libby’s father, as retold by the police. A dreary discovery was made when their bodies were found the following day.

Judge Gull maintained that a hearing that was programmed for October 31 in Carroll County Circuit Court will proceed as planned. Subsequent dates for the trial and a suppression hearing lodged by the erstwhile counsel will also be assigned.

She proclaimed that all discovery should be re-routed back to the State of Indiana until the replacement counsel can take over. Signaling cooperation from the former attorneys, the Judge indicated that they have expressed willingness to work with the successor counsel.

Rounding off, Allen was instructed by Judge Gull to be returned to the Indiana Department of Correction.


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