Delivery Driver Cleared in Controversial YouTube Prankster Shooting Incident


Alan Colie, aged 31, a delivery driver and resident of the United States, has been absolved from the accusations of igniting a gunshot, ostensibly, in self-defense towards a popular YouTuber known for his provocative pranks. The incident took place earlier this year in a bustling food court of a mall, and the victim is identified as 21-year-old Tanner Cook, who operates the ‘Classified Goons’ YouTube channel.

Despite jurors judging Colie clear of the charge of aggravated malicious wounding claimed against him, a split-decision concerning two less severe firearm-related counts resulted in Colie being pronounced guilty on one count while acquitted on the other. The unexpected shooting that occurred in the Dulles Town Centre food court on April 2nd roused alarm among its attendees, who feared they were shrouded within a mass shooting scenario.

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While pleading not guilty, Colie stated his actions stemmed purely from the necessity of self-defense. After approximately five hours of consideration, the jury returned with a verdict today. Nevertheless, having communicated their division as to whether the defendant indeed executed self-defensive measures, Judge Matthew Snow of Loudoun County Circuit Court urged the jurors to proceed with their deliberations.

Adam Pouilliard, the defense attorney representing Colie, voiced his concerns on the discordance of his client’s conviction on the gun charge in light of his vindication on grounds of self-defense. Pouilliard requested the judge to reconsider the conviction, with the hearing expected to occur next month. Until then, Colie will continue to remain in custody.

Responding to the videos that acquainted the jurors with the real-time shooting event of less than half-a-minute, Pouilliard reasoned how Cook’s towering presence was aimed to incite reaction and drive views on his YouTube channel. The footage demonstrated Cook forcefully approaching Colie with his phone just inches away from Colie’s face, and allegedly intimidating him by repeatedly playing a nonsensical phrase via Google Translate.

Despite Colie’s attempts to escape and warn Cook, the latter’s persistence concluded with Colie drawing his weapon and shooting Cook in his lower left chest. Eden Holmes, the prosecutor, argued that the context does not subsidize a self-defense claim. According to her, Cook’s practical joke could be seen as bizarre but not threatening.

The jury also had to ascertain that malice was involved in Colie’s display of aggression. However, the law states that a violent reaction to a reasonable provocation cannot be perceived as malice.

Revealing his fear at the moment of Cook’s prank, Colie used it as evidence in his defense. Pouilliard further testified that given the complex and potentially dangerous interactions with customers, Colie possesses a concealed carry license precautionarily. As for Cook’s YouTube channel, it harvests angst and disarray with unsettling stunts and has over 50,000 subscribers. Cook stated that his videos contribute to his monthly earnings of US$2,000-US$3,000.