DEK Hockey to come to Kirkland in August


by Rhonda Massad

Excellent Ice in Kirkland began construction on two outdoor Dek hockey installations on May 25.  The two rinks will accommodate a new trend toward Dek hockey or ball hockey that has facilities booked solid three seasons of the year and in some cases right through winter as well.

According to Excellent Ice manager Brent Sabino, the two installations will be behind the current facility on Hymus.  There will be a pro shop, that will sell sticks and balls, located in a chalet along side the two new rinks where the supervisor of the rinks will stay when the rinks are in use.  There will be an area for park benches and a little park for those who are not playing to enjoy the outdoors.

““It is a very exciting time for us,” Sabino told The Suburban in an interview, “once the area residents get a taste of it they wont be able to get enough.”

Sabino visited sever similar Dek facilities in Victoria Ville, Laval and St. Jerome.

“It is very popular and the rinks are always booked,” he said. “We are still debating winter use and there is good chance we may run right through the year.”

Sabino explained that there would be leagues using a bulk of the rink time but there would be availabilities for rentals as well.

Excellent Ice opened it’s doors in November 1998.  The facility is owned by Lark group in Surrey, British Columbia.


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