DEFINITY Foundation Unveils Updated Roadmap to Boost AI Blockchain Adoption


The DEFINITY Foundation, famed for its groundbreaking work in developing the Internet Computer protocol, has recently taken the wraps off a meticulously updated roadmap. This blueprint is poised to pad out the pathway towards fostering increased artificial intelligence (AI) blockchain adoption.

Among AI tokens, ICP, the native token of the network, continues its upward march holding a prestigious 22nd position in the list of top 100 cryptocurrencies. The Foundation, however, is faced with a challenge. Widespread concern over recent price drops has urged them to direct their focus onto key development areas. The intent behind this strategic move is dual: reignite the token’s price action and simultaneously broaden the scope and capabilities of the protocol.

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The revision of the Internet Computer roadmap includes two crucial plan points that have been aptly referred to as ‘milestones’ – Tokamak and Stellarator. Tokamak aspires to expedite the block rate of each subnet and introduce a state-of-the-art synchronous ingress submission endpoint – all while significantly slashing latency.

On the other side of the spectrum, Stellarator purportedly intends to bolster the storage layer, enabling subnet blockchains to host a game-changing volume of over 1TB of canister smart contract storage. It also aims to enhance the efficiency of the consensus layer in the process.

Harnessing AI to its advantage, The DEFINITY Foundation is seeking to incorporate AI capabilities as part of smart contracts on the Internet Computer protocol. The objective is to tackle the arduous task associated with the resource-intensive nature of AI training and inference.

Delving further into the roadmap, we come across two more milestones – Cyclotron and Gyrotron. Cyclotron seeks to personify the ‘bigger is better’ idiom by improving on-chain inference for larger AI models, courtesy of performance fortifications in the WebAssembly runtime and inference engine. Gyrotron, a counterpart of Cyclotron, contemplates on deploying AI-specialized subnets with GPU support. This would empower the on-chain computation, paving the way for memory-intensive computations.

A tool in the toolbox that deserves recognition is ICP’s Chain Fusion technology. This novel instrument promises direct interoperability with leading blockchains, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum along with other Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVMs). Naturally, ushers in the question of scalability. Fear not, the roadmap outlines a handful of milestones set to multiply interoperability.

The Tritium milestone guarantees that ICP can engage with Ethereum and EVM smart contracts, fostering cross-chain communication. The Deuterium milestone amplifies Chain Fusion support to emerging Bitcoin protocols. Intriguingly, the Helium milestone is designed to escalate Chain Fusion capabilities for the Solana network. This would facilitate decentralized applications (dApps) to leverage the competencies of both networks.

The Solenoid milestone stands out by intending to decentralize the operation of the ICP boundary nodes, thereby granting power to the network’s participants. The Levitron milestone has the potential to provide visibility into the Internet Computer’s edge infrastructure. This enables developers to glean insights into dApp usage patterns and generate user statistics.

ICP not only seeks to incorporate two governance systems, it aims to revolutionize them with the integration of the NNS (Internet Computer’s DAO) and the SNS framework. These systems will govern individual dApps. With tokenomics incentivizing voting participation and aligning DAO decisions with long-term interests, the governance systems are set to confirm decentralized decision-making and community involvement.

At the time of this writing, the price of ICP has risen steeply by 120% year-to-date. Yet, the token still grapples to regain traction after a 98% nosedive from its exhilarating all-time high (ATH) of $700 achieved in September 2023. Presently, it hovers at a modest $12.05.

As we keenly anticipate the implementation of this updated roadmap, what remains unseen is the impact it will wield on the cryptocurrency’s price. The exciting potential of this intricate blueprint to kickstart bullish momentum and drive adoption for a cornucopia of use-cases is an unfolding story that is sure to keep us on our toes.