DeFi Expert Challenges Injective Protocol’s Soaring Valuation


Thor Hartvigsen, a renowned figure in the field of decentralized finance research, is casting a critical eye on the Injective Protocol, a layer-1 solution that touts itself as a bespoke engine for the world of finance. Amid the clamor and buzz of an ever-volatile market, the native token of this protocol, INJ, has emerged as a top performer, eclipsing stalwarts like Bitcoin and Ethereum in recent market activity.

In a detailed scrutiny conducted in the chilly expanse of December, Hartvigsen pored over the underpinnings of Injective Protocol—its Total Value Locked, a modest sum standing at $11 million, and a retinue of just seven protocols waving its banner. Diving deeper, Hartvigsen found that activity within this ecosystem is dominated by Helix Protocol—a decentralized exchange at the helm with a daily trading volume touching $7.4 million.

This, according to Hartvigsen, is a far cry from the frenzy observed in other protocols that cater to the perpetual futures market. He draws a contrast with certain juggernauts, which boast valuations in the hefty territory of $200 to $300 million based on their fully diluted valuation.

Yet, despite this seemingly diminutive on-chain footprint, Injective Protocol carries a hefty price tag—a market valuation piercing the veil at $3.2 billion. This incongruity has led Hartvigsen to stack Injective against the likes of Ethereum and Solana, heavyweights that command astronomical daily trading volumes and a robust suite of activities.

For perspective, Hartvigsen calls upon data from DefiLlama, revealing that Injective Protocol’s daily volume hovers between $5 to $7 million across its seven applications—a shadow of Solana’s $500 to $700 million, and a mere trickle compared to Ethereum’s billion-dollar torrent.

Amidst these revelations, the coin of the realm, INJ, has witnessed a surge—a staggering 395% rise since mid-October of the preceding year. This bullish stride mirrors the wider crypto landscape’s recovery, encapsulating hopes, speculation, and perhaps, a whiff of investor euphoria.

Yet, a voice emerges from the digital expanse—yiggit, self-identified legal counsel and sentinel of Injective Protocol, propounds an alternative narrative. To yiggit, TVL is not the lynchpin by which one should judge a venture’s vitality. They underscore the impending wave of applications on the horizon, and the underlying infrastructure’s roots in the fertile ground of Cosmos, where staking is akin to a siren’s call for user participation, luring them with the promise of airdrop rewards.

Will the value of INJ continue its ascent on the winds of optimism? The march of time alone will testify to the merits of Hartvigsen’s analysis. Observers are left to watch as INJ scripts its narrative in the annals of the market—new all-time highs penciled into its ledger whilst it commands a market capitalization of over $2.7 billion.


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