Decorated RCMP Constable Dies Heroically in Line of Duty


In a tragic turn of events, RCMP Constable Rick O’Brien fell in the line of duty, alongside two officers, during a search operation in Coquitlam, a city positioned roughly thirty kilometres to the east of Vancouver. The event unravelled last Friday morning.

O’Brien was a 51-year-old highly decorated officer from the Ridge Meadows detachment who had recently celebrated his seven-year service anniversary. He left behind a grieving wife and beloved children.

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In the aftermath of the sorrowful incident, Deputy Commissioner Dwayne McDonald, commander of the B.C. RCMP, shared that it was a deeply challenging day riddled with unspeakable loss. “Constable O’Brien was an officer who portrayed exceptional leadership by his actions. He was cherished by his colleagues and his community for his commendable spirit, respected demeanour and infectious sense of humour,” McDonald mournfully shared.

Despite the prompt arrival and efforts of first responders, O’Brien could not survive the fatal injuries sustained at the scene. In terms of the other officers, one remains in the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries while the other was treated for minor wounds and released.

The shocking incident involved O’Brien and two other officers getting severely injured while executing a search warrant at a suburban residence near Pinetree Way and Glen Drive in Vancouver’s vicinity. As per the Independent Investigations Office (IIO), the officers faced an unexpected violent encounter with a man present at the location, leading to their critical injuries and the man’s shooting.

As the dust settles on the tragic incident, the Independent Homicide Investigations Team has taken upon themselves the task of thoroughly probing O’Brien’s demise and the other officers’ injuries, running parallel to the Independent Investigations Office’s study of the police actions involved.

O’Brien’s years of service were spent entirely with Ridge Meadows, where his commitment and courage won him a bravery award soon after his induction. Wendy Mehat, the superintendent of the Ridge Meadows detachment, applauded O’Brien as a dedicated officer who showed tremendous hard work and put his heart in every initiative he took, including visiting schools and actively participating in local events.

His loss is indeed a devastating blow to the Ridge Meadows’ morale and his family. “He had arrived at work today, intending to contribute towards his community’s wellbeing. His untimely demise while at his duty is indeed a heart-wrenching event,” she passionately added.

Coquitlam Mayor Richard Stewart labelled the incident as a pointless tragedy whose shockwaves could be felt in Officer O’Brien’s personal and professional circles. Similarly, Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth showed his heartfelt condolences at a recent press conference. “Constable O’Brien was the embodiment of selfless dedication to public safety. His loss stands as a poignant reminder of the risks officers place themselves in every day,” he stated.