DeChambeau Clinches Second U.S Open Title with Breathtaking Bunker Shot


Basking under the radiant North Carolina sun, golf titan Bryson DeChambeau ascended back into the iconic cradle of Pinehurst No. 2, this time, not gripping his 55-degree sand wedge but holding the gleaming U.S. Open trophy. With every grain of sand that slipped into the silver vessel, DeChambeau made more tangible the memory of the greatest shot of his life.

Meanwhile, Rory McIlroy, the contrast to DeChambeau’s triumph, wished he could disappear into the very same sand.

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The weekend saw DeChambeau secure his second U.S. Open title with a nerve-racking play-off from 55 yards out in a bunker, a feat often heralded as a Herculean stroke in the game of golf. The magical finish, worthy of Pinehurst lore, inspired a celebration as vibrant and echoing as the one when DeChambeau’s hero, the legendary Payne Stewart, sunk a hefty par putt to claim victory in 1999.

Approaching the 18th green, an awestruck DeChambeau exclaimed, “That’s Payne right there, baby!” His triumph was a stark contrast to his 2020 win at Winged Foot, a victory sealed amidst deafening silence and a conspicuous absence of fans. But here, in Pinehurst, each putt was accompanied by an orchestra of welcoming applause and suspense-filled gasps.

Hot on DeChambeau’s heels had been McIlroy, who poised to break a decade-long major drought, lead the pack by a single shot until a 30-inch par putt danced past the rim on the 16th. Underneath the unflinching gaze of the greenside crowd, McIlroy’s final par attempt stranded just shy of the hole, a minuscule distance of barely 4 feet.

With the hopes of a two-hole playoff flickering, McIlroy was forced to spectate as DeChambeau, far from faltering under the pressure, dramatically turned the tide. Despite being plagued with troublesome tee shots, DeChambeau drew forth a pulse-racing par putt from his trusted bunker shot, narrowly squeezing out a win with a 1-over 71. Swept up in the moment, DeChambeau declared, “That bunker shot was the shot of my life.”

However, DeChambeau’s victory wasn’t just about his wondrous bunker shot. McIlroy, too, had a substantial role in the drama that unfolded. Consistent throughout most of the tournament, he managed to finish the final three holes with a commendable 69. The stress of the competition had taken its toll, evident in the misjudged putts which let a defining U.S. Open victory slip through his fingers.

On the ceremonial green surrounded by fans now poised for the spectacle of a victory speech, DeChambeau voiced his disbelief at his miraculous up-and-down play. Amidst the high spirits, an image of Stewart’s famed pose fluttered on the 18th hole’s pin flag and DeChambeau, ever the showman, donned a Stewart-inspired cap for the trophy presentation before swapping it out for his LIV-sponsored “Crushers” cap. The final scoreboard proclaimed his victory, with DeChambeau ending his 2021 U.S Open campaign at a victorious 6-under 274.

Becoming the second LIV Golf player to win a major, following Brooks Koepka at the 2020 PGA Championship, DeChambeau reaffirmed his status as a heavyweight of the golfing world.

Though DeChambeau’s victory may not have been seamless, with stumbling blocks hindering his flight toward the championship, he demonstrated the resilience and technical masterclass characteristic of a two-time U.S. Open champion.

Word of admiration for DeChambeau’s accomplishment was heralded by Matthieu Pavon, who played alongside DeChambeau and concluded,“What’s most impressive about Bryson is not that he hits the ball far… I was amazed by the quality of the short game on 18. It’s a master class.”

The evocative tale of DeChambeau’s U.S. Open triumph set against the contrasting fortunes of McIlroy makes for an unforgettable sporting saga, in which the unrivaled drama of golf was once again on full display.