Decades-Old Murder Mystery Solved: DNA Links Deceased Neighbor to 1989 Crime


Three decades past, a wrenching crime shook the heart of Wichita – a 20-year-old woman, Krista Martin, was sexually assaulted and brutally murdered. Until recently, the identity of the culprit remained shrouded in mystery. However, a breakthrough announcement from The Wichita Police Department has named Paul Hart, a deceased man formerly implicated in the case, as the prime suspect in the 1989 homicide.

The case unfolded on October 2, 1989, when Martin was found lifeless in a house on the 500 block of South Osage. DNA evidence was gathered from the crime scene, yet due to the limitations of technology at the time, no immediate analysis was possible. Still, the evidence was meticulously preserved for potential future testing.

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Despite enduring decades of fruitless investigation and countless interviews, investigators remained poignantly committed to solving the case. The evidence was continually analyzed, DNA was extracted from multiple individuals and compared to the crime scene specimen, yet no match came to light.

Untiring in their pursuit for justice, the detectives sought the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s assistance between 1990 and 1992. Still, their endeavors failed to yield any substantial leads or suspects, leaving the case in an unresolved abyss.

Efforts resumed a decade later in 2009, leveraging advancements in DNA testing, yet once again, no viable suspects were identified. It wasn’t until 2020, when the Wichita Police Department partnered with the FBI to reevaluate the DNA evidence, that a sliver of hope arose. Persistent investigation, spanning 2021 to 2022, involved collaboration with private industry genealogists to examine DNA profiles and lead the case towards a resolution.

Their unwavering dedication bore fruit in April of 2023 when a potential suspect, Paul Hart, emerged. Tragically, Hart had met his demise in a traffic collision in Memphis, Tennessee, just ten years following the Martin homicide.

Nonetheless, DNA samples from Hart’s direct relatives were obtained and subsequent analysis confirmed Hart’s involvement in Martin’s murder. Although a murder weapon remains undiscovered, investigators have concluded that Martin suffered blunt force trauma, a brutal blow to her skull which resulted in her untimely death.

Details concerning the relationship between Hart and Martin remain obscure, although they were known to be neighbors at the time of the murder. Corroborative testimonies and a careful examination of Martin’s writings failed to illuminate a clear connection between the two. Yet, Martin’s lively nature and social behavior offered an enigmatic backdrop to the tragic turn of events.

Upon considering the nuances of the case, Sedgwick County District Attorney, Marc Bennett, asserted that charges would have been filed against Hart had he been alive. With Hart’s demise, the case has been officially declared resolved by the Wichita Police Department.

In light of the conclusion, Ember Moore, Krista Moore’s niece, expressed heartfelt gratitude to investigators and volunteers for resolving the long-standing case. The confirmation of the suspect has brought a sense of closure and relief to the family, knowing justice has been served in its fullest extent, albeit posthumously.