Deadly Nightclub Shooting Spills Over to Hospital in Birmingham


A tragic shooting episode erupted at a Birmingham nightclub, resulting in the death of two people, while leaving three others wounded. Soon thereafter, an unexpected series of shots were fired towards a vehicle that was en route to a nearby hospital’s emergency room. Individuals in the vehicle were potentially victims of the earlier nightclub incident, according to a representative from the hospital.

The initial shooting unfolded on 5th Avenue North, in the early hours of Labor Day. The unfortunate incident saw individuals, suspected to have arrived from an off-site shooting, being targeted as their vehicle was reaching the radars of the emergency department at precisely 2:17 am, as stated by a spokesperson from the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital.

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In the heated frenzy of the situation, the perpetrator managed to escape the scene, as reported by the hospital. As the investigation continues to unfold, the Birmingham Police and Jefferson County Coroner remain tight-lipped, leaving many awaiting further details on this horrendous incident.