Deadly Explosion Rocks Timmins’ Hotel: Evacuation and Investigation Underway


A deadly explosion in a hotel parking lot on Timmins’ Algonquin Boulevard East set a Tuesday night on edge, triggering a set of sweeping investigations and causing the evacuation of residents and local businesses. The blast in the area of the Comfort Inn was followed by the immediate cordoning off of the involved vicinity by the Timmins Police, in response to the incident that unfolded on the evening of the 3rd of October.

As part of their preliminary findings, the Timmins Police Service confirmed one fatality stemming from the incident. To ensure public safety, the enforcement of an evacuation order of a local hotel and multiple private businesses was initiated. Notably, a section of Algonquin Boulevard East was also closed down until the following dawn.

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As of current, the road blockade has been lifted. Yet, the hotel, along with several local businesses, continues to remain evacuated. The police are charged with ensuring the safety of the area, promising that it will be made accessible to the public only when it is undeniably secure.

The Timmins Police Service, in a joint collaboration with Gervais Emergency Consultants (Timmins), is grappling with the logistic aspects, addressing the care for the displaced and handling their vehicles and belongings left behind at the scene.

Meanwhile, the Timmins Police Service is engaged in a relentless quest to root out any potential residue of harmful devices or substances that could pose a further public hazard, as communicated by TPS spokesperson Marc Depatie. The investigation into the explosive catalyst that caused the blast is still ongoing.

Their emphasis on ascertaining every detail extends to the kind of substance used in the explosive device and the extent of its detonation capacity, which remain as inscrutable facts at this stage. Surveillance footage from the area is under scrutiny to acquire in-depth insights into the sequence of events that led up to the tragic explosion.

Running parallel to these efforts is the focused collaboration of the Timmins Police Service with the local coroner’s office. They are also supported by the technical investigative aide from the Ontario Provincial Police’s explosive disposal unit.

Once the identity of the deceased is corroborated, the Timmins police will be vested with the delicate task of informing the next of kin. The tragic series of incidents serve as a stark reminder of the unpredictability of such hazardous occurrences and the relentless efforts of law enforcement and emergency services to ensure public safety.