Pâtisserie De Gascogne slams doors shut permanently after 60 years


by Eva Tomlin

Hundreds of employees and customers discovered with amazement Thursday morning the closure of Pâtisserie De Gascogne, well known to Montrealers for 60 years.

Only a handful of employees were warned on Wednesday night that the pastry shop founded in 1957 was going bankrupt and its seven branches, including the one in Pointe Claire, would be permanently closed the next day.

Some employees were startled to learn only 24 hours before their shifts would start that the locks had been changed and the company had gone bankrupt. Others only learned along with customers when they arrived at the store to read the sign posted on the door. The De Gascogne website boasts 250 employees.

The last post on Facebook by the dessert shop was on December 19, 2017.


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