DC Lottery Ponders Intralot Extension for Betting Upgrades


Washington, D.C.’s flirtation with mobile sports betting, via the much-maligned GambetDC, run by Intralot, has been fraught with criticism and underperformance. Despite its scheduled contract completion in July, it appears the Greek gaming firm may not be leaving the Capitol as soon as many had envisaged. GambetDC, a stone’s throw from the iconic Ben’s Chili Bowl, may operate under Intralot’s guidance for a while longer, due to the DC Lottery’s right to renew their initial agreement for an additional five years.

At a recent city council meeting, Frank Suarez, who oversees the DC Lottery, suggested that by temporarily extending Intralot’s tenure, the organization could buy time to canvas for and onboard a more effective mobile betting partner. High-profile sportsbook operators such as BetMGM, Caesars, and FanDuel—which currently offer retail, but not mobile betting in the District—could be potential suitors for the lottery’s online endeavors.

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The DC Lottery’s sluggish approach to transitioning away from Intralot has not gone unnoticed, and criticism abounds. Now cornered by time constraints, the lottery may not be able to execute a comprehensive search and competitive bidding process to replace Intralot. The current situation leaves bettors and some council members disappointed, as the city is unable to swiftly transition to a more profitable and reliable sports betting platform.

Since its launch, GambetDC has been less than stellar—yielding unsatisfactory tax revenue and failing to provide a robust betting experience during major sporting events. The subpar performance has prompted avid bettors to cross into neighboring Maryland or Virginia for their mobile wagering needs, indicating a lack of confidence in the local offering.

The initial noncompetitive $215 million contract with Intralot has been a source of regret, seeding discontent that has lasted for years. In light of this situation, some have recommended that the DC Lottery let the contract naturally expire, part ways with Intralot, and pursue a methodical search for a replacement—a move that could redefine mobile sports betting in the area.

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