Daymak Make History by Producing an Electric Car with a Crypto Infrastructure that Generates $335 in a Month


Daymak Inc., a Canadian electric car manufacturer, has made history by producing the first personal Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) in history, with the ability to mine and manage cryptocurrency. Daymak Nebula has become the world’s first electric car fitted with software and hardware that can generate $350 in a month.

Daymak Nebula comes exclusively with the company’s EV Spritus that can reduce monthly car payments and makes Daymak Spiritus one of the most affordable electric cars in history. Daymak plans to begin deploying street-legal EV on 3rd August 2021. The car will have the ability to mine and managing a variety of cryptocurrencies that include Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

Daymak started live streaming Spiritus prototype on its cryptocurrency mining platform on 29th July this year. Over a month of streaming, Daymak Spiritus mined $355, which is equivalent to $11.83 per day. In a statement, Daymak president Aldo Baiocchi affirmed that crypto is the future, and EV Spiritus is making that future possible.

Customers can order their Spiritus EV in a range of cryptocurrencies. Daymak is in a discussion with institutions to bring crypto financing to the table.

“With the average commuter car sitting parked and depreciating for 23 hours per day, the Spiritus will serve as a supplementary income source which all other vehicles will simply depreciate by the hour. Nebula Miners is projected to offset or even fully cover the monthly lease payment, making it the most affordable electric car ever.”

Daymak Nebula has already converted a gas-powered car into a fully electric vehicle, with Nebula EV custom being integrated into it as a proof of concept. The car will be on-road around Toronto this month, and mining cryptocurrency anywhere it is parked.

Onlookers will be able to see the technology in action and how simple it is to mine cryptocurrencies in a vehicle. Daymak plans to launch the Spiritus fifth model, Avvenire Series in 2-23. Interest in the Spiritus will continue to grow, Daymak has already amassed $600 million three months after the launch of LEVs. Daymak is extending the pre-order campaign to 30th September 2021 to allow more people to own their first LEVs of the future.


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