Daylight Shooting in Calgary’s McCall Neighborhood Sparks Public Safety Concerns


Calgary law enforcement are currently probing a bold, midday shooting incident that took place in the McCall neighborhood. A report of gunshots fired at a Chevron gas station situated in the 4800 block of 12 Street N.E. disrupted the casual noontime rush. An unidentified individual allegedly discharged a firearm, before disappearing in a vehicle. As of 12:15 p.m. on Thursday, confirmations reported no casualties.

Doug King, a seasoned Professor of Criminal Justice at Mount Royal University, described the incident as extremely negligent. He expressed concern about the gravity of the event, as it unfolded in broad daylight and in a populated location filled with a diverse range of people.

Furthermore, King underscored the magnitude of such violence, spotlighting the inherent danger it poses to public safety. He questioned if the McCall shooting was linked to an earlier event of a similar nature which occurred at Market Mall. King’s implication suggests that the two incidents may not just be random acts of violence, but perhaps interconnected, raising even greater cause for concern.


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