Daylight Heist at Guelph’s Neutron Electronics Sees $10K Merchandise Lost


In what can only be described as a brazen daytime heist, a prominent electronics shop in Guelph fell victim to thieves who made off with merchandise valued at an estimated $10,000. The store, Neutron Electronics Ltd. situated on the intersection of Woodlawn Road West and Imperial Road North, became a crime scene at 7:15 a.m. Tuesday when four men executed a well-orchestrated burglary.

One of the perpetrators, armed with a hammer, shattered the glass door to facilitate the entry of his accomplices. Inside, three of the criminals frantically began gathering electronics. The fourth individual, remaining outside, took on the role of lookout. With the business poised to open its doors for the day, the commotion was captured on the store’s surveillance system.

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Todd Shaver, the President and owner of the company was but a stone’s throw away when the incident transpired. Expressing a mixture of relief and regret, he stated, “I was five minutes away from being there. Initially, I wished I had been present, but in retrospect, I am somewhat relieved to have missed the ordeal.”

The assailants have been characterized by the police as four men of brown complexion aged around their 20s. Three of the suspects were between 5’9” to 6’ in height with substantial builds, while the fourth was noticeably shorter with a trim physique. Their getaway vehicles were a white BMW sedan and a black Ford F150 pick-up truck.

“They took a significant number of my Fluke Multimeters, as well as all the flashlights we had on the end aisle,” Shaver noted, while gesturing towards the ravaged areas. Though specializing in electronic components largely for industries and factories including batteries and testing equipment, the store’s merchandise appealed to the criminals.

Subsequent to a comprehensive inventory of the stolen items, Shaver now fears he might be looking at upwards of $15,000 in losses. The business, a community fixture since 1975, had experienced only one other break-in, this one happening over two decades ago. He mused, “So two times in 48 years isn’t too egregious, I suppose.”

Following the incident, the shattered front door has been replaced. However, the unnerved Shaver remains skeptical about the security measures warding off any future burglaries, leaving a shadow of uncertainty over the legacy electronics store.