David Copperfield Haunted by Persistent Sexual Misconduct Allegations


Renowned magician David Copperfield, revered for making many things disappear, cannot escape the seemingly relentless allegations of sexual misconduct that have followed him since 2007. An exposé by The Guardian adds several new entrants to the list of women accusing the Las Vegas performer of inappropriate behavior, with a majority maintaining they were teenagers at the time of the incidents.

The British publication claims its investigation was underpinned by over a hundred interviews, court documents, and police reports. A fresh accuser, 38-year-old Fallon Thornton, detailed to The Guardian an event from a 2014 show at the MGM Grand. She narrated how Copperfield, a permanent feature at the venue since 1983, exploited an invitation to the stage to purportedly squeeze one of her breasts. Thornton’s narrative aligns with records of an official complaint lodged with Las Vegas police. The complaint was, however, shelved due to “insufficient evidence,” per The Guardian’s conversation with law enforcement officials.

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The dossier of David Copperfield’s reported indiscretions grew substantially with the probe revealing four more claims. The new claims portrayed Copperfield as a predator, forcing women to touch him sexually while under the spotlight and allegedly groping them. Family members of a 15-year-old girl accused Copperfield of openly fondling her, recounting their horror as spectators during a performance, The Guardian reported.

Another unnamed complainant, identified as “Gillian*,” leveled accusations of drug-facilitated sexual assault after she and her friend were allegedly exploited by Copperfield post a 1993 show. Gillian claimed these actions robbed them of their ability to consent.

The investigative piece also shed light on Copperfield’s alleged opportunistic behavior where he promised several complainants he would advance their careers in modeling or entertainment. One woman, identified as “Carla*,” alleged Copperfield started courting her with late-night calls after meeting her at a show in 1991 when she was just 15. The interactions escalated to sex when Carla turned 18, she said, specifying it was her “first time.”

In total, 16 women have leveled accusations against Copperfield, The Guardian reported without detailing how many of these are new claims unearthed by their investigation or how many were previously made public.

Notably, Copperfield’s reported sexually inappropriate behavior spans a range of nearly thirty years, from the late 1980s through 2014.

In 2018, a model named Brittney Lewis accused Copperfield of drugging and sexually assaulting her in 1988 when she was 17. These allegations, albeit staunchly denied by Copperfield, found no legal recourse and he wasn’t charged. Sexual assault allegations resurfaced in 2007 when another woman, Lacey Carroll, accused Copperfield of rape. This case, too, was closed without any charges being brought in 2010, and Carroll was later accused of prostitution and falsely filing sexual assault claims.

A statement issued by Copperfield’s PR representative to Casino.org pushed back against these allegations. It asserted that “these recent allegations from one newspaper are the exact opposite of who David is.” The statement fiercely defended Copperfield, insisting that most allegations are historical, have been previously surfaced, and maintain their falsehood now, as they did then. Copperfield’s team demanded the supposed evidence upon which these allegations supposedly rely, which, thus far, has not been shared.

In the backdrop of these grave allegations, Copperfield remains a significant draw at the MGM Grand that sees massive crowds every night gathered to see the billionaire entertainer weave his magic.