Dave & Buster’s Unveils Real-Money Betting in Mobile App, Boosting Customer Engagement


In the cutthroat world of arcade entertainment, Dave & Buster’s, the restaurant and arcade behemoth, is set to stake an innovative claim. The company has declared its plans to unveil a real-money betting feature as a part of its mobile application for the brand’s dedicated rewards members.

Dave & Buster’s, well-known for its chain of 222 venues across North America, combines the thrill of both classic and modern arcade games with scrumptious food and refreshing drinks. The venues are more than familiar with the excited, fervent shouts of guests competing in friendly battles on games such as Dance Dance Revolution, particularly at their bustling site in Summerlin, Nev. The coming epoch will see these friendly games take a fresh spin as players make friendly wagers while immersed in their games of choice.

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The act of infusing real-money betting into Dave & Buster’s already popular “D&B Rewards” mobile application will be achieved in collaboration with gamification software developer, Lucra. The developer takes pride in its core mission to “connect, energize, and inspire communities through power of friendly competition.” Through this partnership, loyal patrons of Dave & Buster’s can anticipate unprecedented, immersive, real-time gaming experiences.

Simon Murray, senior vice president of entertainment and attractions at Dave & Buster’s, exudes optimism about this exciting joint venture. He said that their tie-up with Lucra serves as a testimony to their commitment to delivering innovative, technologically cutting-edge experiences to their customers.

Being a public company listed on the Nasdaq, Dave & Buster’s is witnessing a positive investor sentiment with its shares soaring more than 50% from its value a year ago. The confidence is further bolstered by the mounting popularity of betting across the United States; with sports betting being legalized in almost 40 states, Dave & Buster’s is right on the money banking on the appeal of bets on arcade games.

Moving forward, when peer-to-peer betting is fully functional, the Dave & Buster’s rewards app will enable friends to challenge each other on a select array of exciting games such as skee-ball, Hot Shots basketball, and Dance Dance Revolution. Each game skillfully chosen to stir up the adrenaline rush that comes with the quest for the highest score. The company has set the friendly wager cap at approximately $10 per bet, which according to Lucra, will amplify the engagement and retention rate at the Dave & Buster’s venues.

The addition of betting by Dave & Buster’s doesn’t equate to a gambling experience as it won’t call for a state-issued gaming license. Instead, Lucra deems this strategy as a way to introduce” real-money contests and challenges”. The option to place friendly, yet thrilling bets using D&B Rewards app will only be available to players aged 18 and above, while inside a Dave & Buster’s venue.

In other related news, the Atlantic City gaming scene welcomed Dave & Buster’s newest site recently. The 21,000-square-foot restaurant and arcade gracefully occupies the spot where Jay-Z’s former 40/40 nightclub once stood. Located at Ed 2120 Atlantic Ave and just a block away from Caesars and the Boardwalk, the place received its first rush of game enthusiasts on Dec. 14, 2023.