Daniel Andrews Farewells Premier Role with Nostalgic Meme Homage


In a whimsical farewell gesture that paid homage to a beloved internet meme, Daniel Andrews, former Premier of Victoria, signed off from his official Facebook account. Posting a photograph from his trip to China, with the historic Tiananmen Square forming an evocative backdrop, Andrews humorously instructed his followers to “hand over the password” to the Premier’s Facebook account.

Interestingly, the image struck a familiar chord with many as it echoed back to a 2016 meme featuring a previous photo of Andrews in China. The aged Andrews in Friday’s post mirrors the notorious meme, indicating Andrews may have utilized a recent journey to China to recreate the memorable picture.

The original image had gained a widespread online traction, emerging as a popular meme ingeniously utilized to accompany news headlines ranging from natural disasters to protracted covid restrictions.

Further, in an accompanying heartfelt message, Andrews expressed his gratitude to his followers for their unwavering support confirming his intention to cede his title to his successor. “It was a privilege to serve as Premier of our state, and your persistent support for which I’m eternally grateful cannot be stressed enough,” he confessed, adding, “The baton will now be passed over to Premier Jacinta Allan.”

The announcement follows his resignation over a week ago as the Premier of Victoria. Jacinta Allan superseded him, officially being sworn in as Victoria’s 49th Premier, subsequent to Andrews’ sudden revelation. On that occasion, he candidly stated, “As difficult as the decision is, the time has indeed come to pass the baton after fulfilling the demanding role for nine years.”

Andrews spoke frankly about the challenges of holding such an important position. He stressed his deep appreciation for the unique opportunity he had been given; one that far exceeded his early aspirations. However, he pointed out the importance of recognising when it’s time to step down, remarking that nobody should ever grow to resent such a significant role.

There has been a significant amount of speculation surrounding his future career path. Many are suggesting a potential transition to the corporate sector or possibly a diplomatic role. Although, Andrews himself seems to be in no hurry, as his Facebook profile suggests a focus on his golfing hobby. It’s a relaxed, low key descriptor for a man who captained Victoria through intense, demanding years while leading Labor to three landside election victories. The future, it seems, is wide open for Daniel Andrews.


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