Dangerous Sex Offender Win $ 1,000 Legal Battle


Chris Watts was convicted in 2001 for the death of a 13-year-old after a drug overdose. Watts is now a high-risk sex offender who lures young girls with drugs, and having sex with them without their consent has won a $1000 legal battle cost against correction Canada. According to Justice Richard Southcott’s ruling, the information provided by an anonymous that Watts was threatening staff at halfway house in Chilliwack, B.C. was not adequately analyzed. Justice Southcott said that corrections Canada should reconsider moving him to and paying $ 1 000 for printing and court action costs.

However, Corrections Canada spokesperson Isabelle Robitaille said they would respect the court decision while ensuring public safety. According to internal documents filed for the Watts transfer in 2017, it raised suspension among officials. Watts was described as too dangerous and high risk for the community in halfway house B.C., Ontario, and Quebec. Watts, who is currently 60, is being held in Dorchester Penitentiary, New Brunswick.

Watts will remain under police watch after being deemed a long-term offender. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison for manslaughter, sexual assault, and sexual interference in Amanda Raymond’s death at Kitchener, Ontario. He will remain under supervision for ten years in the community after his incarceration. In case he violates his release condition, he can be hauled back to prison without any charges.

Some of his release conditions include prohibition from using the computer or any device that could have internet access. He is also not allowed to be nearby to females below 18 unless under supervision. However, Watts has violated the conditions imposed by parole officers on several occasions. After transfer to Halifax, the police warned the locals in a news release describing him as has exhibited large quantities of drugs. Lured young girls and engaged in sexual activity while disregarding their consent.


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