Curious Black Bears Stumble Upon Hammock Fun at Vermont Home


Nestled in the tranquil beauty of Waitsfield, Vermont, the home of Noah and Kristen Dweck has often played welcoming host to the curious black bears that frequent their property. Yet, a recent visit served a spectacle that the couple had never before witnessed – a bear indulging in the innocent pleasure of a leisurely sway on their hammock.

Unfolding on an uneventful Tuesday, Noah Dweck was serenely settled behind his desk, screen doors thrown wide to let in the sweet Vermont air. The distinct jingle of their hammock strings, usually the playful muse of the wind, caught his attention. Oddly, it was a still day with no breeze to trigger the sound. A deep instinct stirred within Noah, whispering the identity of their surprise guest. “That’s got to be the bears,” he thought.

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His suspicion found validation when he sprinted upstairs for a safe viewpoint. Framed by the window, a peculiar sight unfolded: one young bear regardling his friend with a seemingly amused curiosity, who was in turn absorbed in the novelty of the hammock. As if they were children discovering the joys a swing for the first time, the bears’ innocent antics were a spectacle the Dwecks would soon not forget. Noah swiftly captured the moment within the pixels of his iPhone, forever encapsulating the image of the young bear finding delight in a swing.

The Dwecks’ residence close to the Sugarbush ski resort is situated in a thriving bear basin, where the local bear population and humans co-exist in a delicate harmony. “The bears are very accustomed to people,” Noah explained, “They’ve probably come across other hammocks in their travels before.”

However, that did not lessen their amusement in this recent and unusual interaction. In fact, it was the bear’s uncanny aptitude on the hammock that really caught his attention. “To be honest, it was quite an impressive sight,” Noah mused, “The way the bear managed to balance and enjoy itself without so much as a stumble was quite funny to see.”

Indeed, Vermont is home to a robust population of black bears, and their encounters with residents are increasingly frequent — an interaction that, on occasion, can serve as a charming and light-hearted interlude in the everyday life of Vermont locals.