Cryptocurrency Elders Forecast 2024 Market Resurgence


Honoring the timeless tradition set by Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” a revered circle of experts convened to inspect the cryptic tapestry of the cryptocurrency market’s history, its current state, and what the future may unfurl. In this assembly, nuggets of wisdom were shared, offering our readers a map to navigate the unfolding year of 2024 and its anticipated trends.

In the spirit of inquiry and reflection, the crux of our discussion centered on the crypto market’s trajectory, informed by the expertise from Material Indicators’ analytical savants.

We had the opportunity to exchange thoughts with Keith Alan, the insightful co-founder and analyst at Material Indicators, who imparted his intellection on the pulsating bull market—or what suggests the dawn of a bullish resurgence.

Material Indicators is lauded for its steadfast reliance on empirical data, juxtaposed against the zeitgeist of prevailing market sentiment. Alan’s discernments rang true to this ethos, as he meticulously dismantled the evidential constructs that gave credence to the bullish and bearish contingents alike.

When questioned about the bearish epoch that shadowed 2022 and 2023 in comparison to antecedent downturns, and whether Bitcoin’s breach of the $40,000 delineation signified the demise of the bear market, Alan provided an insightful response.

An unequivocal bear market was upon us in 2022, following Bitcoin’s climactic high in November 2021. With the FTX cataclysm in the November of the following year, Bitcoin’s declivity was expected to steepen.

Contrary to the expected downtrend and amidst institutional tension, a rally commenced on January 1, 2023. An unknown entity, dubbed “Notorious B.I.D.” by Alan, emerged on FireCharts, nudging prices upward through a strategic pattern of bid liquidity—actions tracked in real-time by Alan.

Despite the confluence of unfavorable macroeconomic, geopolitical, and domestic political turmoil, the market persisted in its rally. More than a year on, with gains surpassing 150% from the rally’s inception, the discourse between bullish triumph and bearish skepticism persisted.

Analyzing whale activity provided muddled signals: while Purple Class Whales and their colossal orders influenced Bitcoin’s price direction, recent trends hinted at a potential shift from distribution to accumulation—an hypothesis substantiated by burgeoning wallet numbers and order book patterns.

Alan cautioned investors to remain vigilant for market twists. Discordance between improving U.S. economic indicators and the reality faced by the average citizen hinted at unresolved macroeconomic issues, while technical indicators like the RSI and extended green candle runs signaled likely corrections.

As December approached, an abnormal pattern became noticeable—a consistent, impactful market movement on or around December 17th each year since 2017, barring the anomaly in the previous year.

Speculatively glancing toward the horizon, Alan reflected on the factors spurring Bitcoin’s ascent. Largely influenced by expectations of ETF decisions and the 2024 Halving, alongside the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy adjustment, these elements laid the foundation for burgeoning price action.

Moving ahead, the resurgence of Bitcoin has sparked discussions about sectors and cryptocurrencies poised to flourish in an emerging bull run. While Material Indicators’ laser focus remains on Bitcoin, acknowledging a sea of opportunities amidst altcoins.

The cryptocurrency landscape has been fervent with trends like AI, Gaming, Memes, DePin, and GambleFi. Of these, DePin—or Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks—piques significant interest as a bridge between blockchain and the burgeoning AI industry.

Amidst fluctuating spaces like that of Solana’s, the overarching sentiment underscored by Alan hails both the inherent opportunity and peril within cryptocurrency investment landscapes.

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