Cryptocurrency Analyst Predicts Bitcoin Rebound to All-Time High by Month’s End


In the passionate arena of cryptocurrency trading, a renowned analyst and trader, Captain Faibik, has pointed to the possibility of a significant price adjustment for Bitcoin, bucking the current bearish trend. This expert has proposed an incredible scenario, where the digital currency could reach a new pinnacle before April draws to a close.

Despite the present downward trajectory of Bitcoin’s value, evidenced by its fall to a $65,000 price point after a brief flutter at $71,000, Captain Faibik maintains a hopeful outlook. He projects a promising upswing within the month, countering the market’s recent gloom.

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This expert’s prediction is grounded in Bitcoin’s promising chart pattern, commonly referred to as a bullish pennant, evident in the 12-hour timeframe. The layout suggests that the gates to a lucrative uptrend may swing open later this week.

Potential for a significant breakout is in the offing. If this prediction plays out as envisioned by Captain Faibik, Bitcoin may soon stand atop a fresh, all-time high pedestal. As such, he has earmarked an ambitious price target for the digital currency, ranging between $88,000 and $90,000, within the next weeks.

In addition to the 12-hour pennant formation, Captain Faibik has also observed a positive augury within the daily chart. Together, these insights have instilled a strong faith in the potential for a favorable event horizon.

While hopeful, the expert acknowledges the recent relenting of Bitcoin’s bull market. He indicates a need for the digital currency’s bullish proponents to claw back the critical resistance zone of $70,000 to bolster their influence once more.

At the moment, Bitcoin stands at a trading price of $66,125, marking a decline of over 5% over the past week. This drop, occurring alongside a near 9% falloff in trading volume, stands in contrast with a slight uptick in the cryptocurrency’s market cap, up by 0.81%.

Yet, it’s not all smooth sailing ahead. Captain Faibik’s bullish prophecy is not shared unanimously. Certain analysts foresee potential turbulence for Bitcoin, with dark clouds of market pullback gathering on the horizon. The Fomo Factory, for instance, is less optimistic about the digital currency’s trajectory, predicting a potential drop, going as low as $60,000 or even to the $52,000 and $56,000 Fibonacci retracement line.

Even darker is the prospect of a dip to the $48,000, or worst-case scenario, the $42,000 mark. This potential downturn casts a murky shadow over the cryptocurrency giant’s landscape, especially with the anticipated Bitcoin halving event close at hand. However, past events suggest the possibility of a short-term rally, providing a glimmer of hope in these uncertain times.

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