Crypto Whales Scoop up $24.8 Million INJ, Hint at Price Surge


The exciting world of cryptocurrencies takes another thrilling turn as talented crypto whales seem to be spark a potential price surge for the Injective (INJ) token. This would certainly come as a breath of fresh air for the beleaguered token that has seen a significant depreciation over the past week.

Market intelligence indicates these cryptocurrency magnates have collectively scooped up $24.8 million worth of INJ, inflating their total holdings to a staggering 10.69 million INJ. This is no small feat and is bound to send ripples through the cryptocurrency pond, considering the market influence these colossal investors command. This new influx has the potential to give INJ’s price the shot in the arm it so desperately needs.

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The recent performance of Injective resembles a larger dip experienced across the crypto market. In the past week, this cryptocurrency has waned, dropping over 14% in value making for a rough ride for investors. This decline also marks a stark reversal for the token that boasts an impressive annual depreciation of more than 9%. This sharp turn of events is particularly surprising for the formerly soaring token that witnessed a 3000% hike in 2023, stunningly outstripping Solana (SOL), another crypto bigshot of yesteryears.

However, INJ’s price tumble was not entirely unforeseen. Following its prolonged and steep rally last year, this was anticipated to cool down the perhaps overheated token. A decline of this scale could be a sobering reset, allowing the crypto token room to reposition itself for a potential ascent.

Leading crypto analyst, Crypto Dona, recently shed light on INJ’s potential trajectory that could mirror SOL’s price activity back in 2021. Back then, SOL remained ensnared in a tight trading range between $20 and $40 for over 100 days. The token, however, sprung back dramatically, catapulting ten times in value, catching market watchers off guard.

This savvy analyst predicts a somewhat similar situation for Injective, hinting at the token’s potential for a tenfold increase. Being an AI (artificial intelligence) coin, Injective is poised to remain a substantial draw for investors, especially as the ongoing bull run enters its final stages. The increased attention could feed into its price, fueling more liquidity into its ecosystem.

The whale’s recent INJ acquisition underscores the strong bullish sentiment toward the token, despite its recent uninspiring run. The optimism even permeates into the ranks of the INJ community, with Crypto Dona, leading the charge by expressing confidence in the token’s upward momentum, predicting a three digit future.

As of now, INJ is being bought and sold in and around the $32 mark, bearing a loss over 5% in the last day according to data from CoinMarketCap.