Crypto War: Hoskinson Predicts Biden’s Second Term Endangered by Strict Cryptocurrency Policies


The cryptocurrency industry in the United States finds itself locked in a ruthless struggle against Washington’s corridors of power. With mounting pressures and soaring antagonisms, the battle lines are clearly drawn over the Biden administration’s inexorable campaign for stricter regulations and heavy crackdowns on digital currency. As per Charles Hoskinson, creator of the crypto giant Cardano, this apparent antagonism against the crypto world might possibly result in costing President Biden his chance at a second term.

In a scathing critique of the current administration, Hoskinson voiced his concerns about what he perceives as a “systematic attempt to stifle the crypto industry.” He pointed out numerous instances of policy discussions, intimate dinners, and open letters where the digital currency community strived yet failed to build a bridge of understanding. Even with these conscious efforts at outreach, he contends, the regulators have remained unflinchingly and unyieldingly committed to their onslaught on the crypto sector.

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The scenario, Hoskinson deplores, unjustly tags “53 million Americans, irrespective of their unique politics and preferences, as soft criminals.” He sent an ominous warning about the toxic environment which has ensnared some prominent figures in the industry, including Changpeng Zhao, the erstwhile CEO of Binance, in legal troubles.

Hoskinson notably singled out Senator Elizabeth Warren, claiming she is the chief orchestrator of the administration’s crypto-hostile orientation. He went to the extent of suggesting a covert arrangement between Warren and Biden. The Cardano captain alleges that Warren, notable for her rigorous opposition to digital currencies, had extended her veto power into the Treasury Department, selecting like-minded figureheads who hold a shared disdain for the industry.

In the eyes of Hoskinson, this apparent strategic partnership has given birth to an administration that is largely weighted against digital currencies, effectively demonizing a significant proportion of the citizenry as “criminals.” He describes this situation as catastrophic, not only for the crypto industry but for the democratic process in its entirety.

However, amidst this outburst of grievances, Hoskinson provides a tantalizing prophesy: the crypto industry is poised to be the “kingmaker” in upcoming US elections. He postulates that the current administration’s hostility toward cryptocurrencies hinges on the assumption that their actions will not have political repercussions. Hoskinson, however, is confident in the determination of the voting public to prove them wrong.

Arguing that the crypto industry will decisively shape the political landscape, Hoskinson astutely observes, “If this President loses his job and crypto is the decider, no Democrat running in 2028 will dare to be anti-crypto.” He envisions a future punctuated by “crypto natives” among the new generation of Congress members, senators, and presidents. The expected open-mindedness of this cadre, in his perspective, heralds an era of more inclusive and forward-looking regulation.

The hostility between the Biden administration and the cryptocurrency industry is not without tangible consequences. It has had a substantial effect on the larger digital asset market, unsettling investor confidence and inducing significant price fluctuations across crucial cryptocurrencies. Amidst this climate of hostility, major players like Bitcoin and Ethereum have experienced sharp declines, with their prices plunging by over 20% in the last month alone.

The situation is only bleaker for smaller digital currencies, which have suffered more severe losses. The cloud of uncertainty blanketing the regulation terrain has nudged a multitude of investors to avoid riskier digital assets. In the face of this turmoil, industry gurus caution that the tempest is likely to persist until there is either a political shift in the helm or the current administration softens its stance on cryptocurrencies. Cardano is, at the moment, trading at $0.467.

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