Crypto Visionary Charles Edwards Touts PENDLE as Most Undervalued Altcoin


In the ever-complex labyrinth of the cryptocurrency world, Charles Edwards, the visionary mind behind Capriole Investments, shed light on a particularly intriguing detail. In a recent statement, Edwards made a compelling case for what he believes to be the most undervalued asset in the altcoin spectrum – PENDLE. Operating under the burgeoning umbrella of decentralized finance (DeFi) technology, PENDLE has struck Edwards with its remarkable total value locked (TVL) and market cap figures, robust indicators of its underappreciation within the market.

PENDLE is, as Edwards succinctly put it, “perhaps the most undervalued alt right now.” With a commendable TVL of $4.6B—representing nearly 5% of the entire crypto universe’s TVL—and a mere market cap of 14% of its TVL, PENDLE has positioned itself as a potentially explosive, high-return investment. “Ludacris growth,” remarked Edwards with a touch of enthusiasm, aligning his views with a recent DefiLlama total value locked chart.

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Arthur Hayes, standing at the helm of BitMEX, echoed Edwards’ sentiments. With an uncontainable optimism, Hayes iterated, “The future of DEFI is PENDLE. Yachtzee bitches.”

Since the year’s inception, PENDLE has demonstrated a meteoric 590% price ascendance. With an impressive 220% spike within the past month, it has established itself as a stellar performer in the wider cryptocurrency arena. This upward spiral mirrors Pendle’s total value locked surge from just shy of $240 million at the start of the year to a substantial $4.6 billion in recent times.

The rapid surge of PENDLE piqued the curiosity of crypto researcher 100y.eth. They attributed this unpredictable rise to PENDLE’s distinct utilities and tokenomics. As per the researcher, “Pendle Finance revolutionizes DeFi by allowing the tokenization and separation of yield-bearing tokens into PT (Principal) and YT (Yield), tradable on Pendle’s AMM. This innovation is the epicenter of Pendle’s current popularity.”

Complementing the analysis on PENDLE’s uptrend, 100y.eth indicated ongoing significant whale activity, a sign of confidence in PENDLE’s potential long-term value.

The lure of PENDLE revolves around its vePENDLE system. This piece of technological wizardry augments its governance model while encouraging long-term investments. “Magic resides in vePENDLE. By locking PENDLE, users receive vePENDLE, engaging more profoundly with the ecosystem. This mechanism fosters community governance and amplifies rewards for liquidity providers,” added the crypto researcher.

In this unpredictable saga of PENDLE, another scene-stealer is the role of the ‘vePENDLE holders. These key players can influence liquidity dynamics through voting, fluidly directing incentives to chosen liquidity pools. The rise in voter APYs from 100% to an abyssal 400% shows PENDLE’s increasing appeal.

With the excitement surrounding LRT and Ethena, this synergy between market trends and Pendle’s distinctly innovative tokenomics creates an unprecedented yield opportunity for vePENDLE holders. As the market chatter continues to bubble, PENDLE stands at the trading price of $7.37.

The meteoric rise of PENDLE underlines the relentless volatility and innovation that drives the cryptocurrency world. However, only keen observation, sound reasoning, and risk management can unravel the potential riches hidden beneath this digital bedrock.